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Eric Dubnicka - 2020 review

I am so grateful for the Ojai Studio Artists group and its hard working volunteer members. My first year in the group allowed me the opportunity to see first hand why it is so renowned and recognized and it has truly been a pleasure to be involved.

The arc of my Ojai 2020 journey traversed acceptance into OSA immediately followed by a February open studio, my first in Ojai. Thank you again to all who visited! On the heels of that I was asked to participate in a group abstraction show at H Gallery in Ventura which opened days before “you know what” took over our lives. In our new normal I enjoyed creating many new art objects, from sculpture, paintings and furniture, and went on to develop my conceptual art piece The Nonessential Art Gallery. As the year went on I had the fun adventure of designing and building a new art studio, being featured in Ojai Magazine and also learning that “hot” has a way different meaning in Duluth, MN than it does in Southern California. Uff da!

Thank you again to all the OSA members who have been so welcoming and helpful, especially outgoing President Pamela Grau. As I enthusiastically develop a new series of artworks in the waning days of this challenging year I realize I truly can't wait to see what the future holds and trust that the new year will bring much to be grateful for.

As Willem de Kooning once said, “What you do when you paint, you take a brush full of paint, get paint on the picture, and you have faith.”.

For more information about Eric Dubnicka and his artwork, please see Instagram for the freshest snippets: or



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