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Exploring Still Life

Oftentimes, artists are asked to submit to themed group shows.  I always seem to be 'that one' who never has something to submit within the required theme.  Sometimes, it is as simple as needing a 'landscape' or a 'still life.' Sometimes, the theme is based on a current event, or something in popular culture that can be addressed through art. I found this super cool book while shopping in a bookstore recently, "Flower Color Theory," by Darroch and Michael Putnam.  I am obsessed with color theory.  If you have been following my work over the years, using color to convey a message has been at the center.  So how to use this book?  I had no clues, but I bought it anyway.  Nothing better than a new reference book to ignite an idea in the studio. So this past week, I was thumbing through the pages and thought to myself, "I wonder how I can translate a few of these floral arrangements, staying through to my current style/series? Then I thought about an upcoming call to artists that I read about requiring a modern still life! HA!  I set out to create a still life inspired by one of the arrangements in the book.   Using the floral arrangement as my guild, I designed a floral still life of my own.  I tried to keep as close as I could to the size and volume and basic color of the different elements.  In some instances, the limit of the vast colors that I had on hand forced me to let go a little bit, winging it along the way.  I mean, why not allow a little bit of my artist child play too!  

Lesley Laine 




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