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Hallie Katz: New Studio Debut

As I get ready for OSA’s February 11th Second Saturday mini-tour of studios in my little corner of the Ojai Valley, I realize that I am inviting the public to peer into my private sanctuary. That’s a little unnerving! Artists love every opportunity to talk about their work.  We rarely get to show off our studios, where it all happens. The word ‘studio’ technically means workplace of an artist, but it is so much more than that. This is where I have committed to practice my skills and become better at what I do. This is where I can teach others so they might catch the fever that I did way back when.  This is where I dream, imagine, conjure, visualize, experiment, and make things I hope people will like. Sometimes, if everything flows, I stand back to see what’s on my bench and I’m in awe! Please join me on February 11th as I debut my new and improved studio and my current work. Come observe my world.  Learn about the classes I’m offering, and how I make sculptural jewelry. It will be interesting for sure!

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