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Hallie Katz: Reinventing Myself

Updated: Feb 29

What have I been doing lately?  Re-inventing myself!  

I ran a gallery with my husband in downtown Ojai for many years. When we closed HumanArts exactly two years ago to retire from the retail biz, we were ready to change course. Immediately we started renovating and expanding my workshop in order to teach classes.

So I’m taking a break from designing custom rings with clients’ gemstones, and having a blast creating a whole new body of work.  Inspired by the interesting gems, fossils and minerals I’ve collected for years, my imagination takes me where it wants to go. 

Trying to simplify, I’ve gone back to fabrication of jewelry using ancient skills and basic tools that define ‘handmade’:  a saw, files, hammers, drills and burs.  I like to give these pieces texture and matte finishes rather than laboring over buffing to a high polish.

I also enjoy making sculptural jewelry in the lost wax casting process. This too, is an ancient technique that goes back to the Early Bronze Age, and has so many possibilities for contemporary designs.

My jewelry classes have started with 2-day workshops for up to 4 students at a time. It includes 8 hours of basic silversmithing techniques and completion of one or two projects they can wear and enjoy. Get in touch if you’d like to know more. Email:

On the August 13th Second Saturday Mini Tour I will be showing my work at Patrish Keubler’s painting studio. Sign up for FREE and get the map at:

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