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James Robie: Mixed Media

Updated: Feb 29

I’ve been on this incredible journey of making art for over six decades and exploring abstraction since the early 80s. Throughout these years I have developed a visual language that has enabled me to create a variety of different works using different media that has included drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and most recently, ceramic.

Art Historian Gail Scott writing in the 2011 “My Life as Art” retrospective exhibition catalog wrote:

“What is extraordinary about Robie is the ethos of continually moving forward on this journey, which is his life, his work, his art. From his earliest days as a student in the 1960s and at every later stage of his career he embraced experimentation. Robie’s practice as an artist involves playing with his materials and tools in order to discover how, as he describes, “to make images in unfamiliar ways.”

Although written a decade ago, this philosophy about making art still applies today.

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