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JULES WEISSMAN is Participating in Joyride Ojai

JOYRIDE OJAI is an art exhibition fostering community and supporting local artists. Installations will be located throughout the Ojai Valley.

Oct. 9th — 11th, 2020

11 am — 6 pm

See the map at JOYRIDEOJAI.ORG for specific locations.

From the event’s organizer, artist Cara Bonewitz:

“As the Coronavirus pandemic has fractured conventional cultural and creative networks in the city of Ojai, a pressing desire for more meaningful ways to engage with art and humanity has emerged. Joyride: Ojai proposes a way to meet this need with a weekend-long outdoor art exhibition in the city of Ojai that focuses on experiences with tangible objects in the real world, as opposed to the ubiquitous virtual exhibitions currently proliferating.

A recent iteration of this concept occurred with Drive-By-Art in Los Angeles, which presented artwork of 120 artists throughout LA. Inspired by this ingenuity and creative spirit, Joyride adapts this idea for the needs, character, and spirit of our Ojai community.

The work must be accessible from an automobile, and each artist gets to decide where to install their work. Driveways and lawns are repurposed as installation venues for sculptures. Fences can double as spaces for hanging paintings and fiber art. Building facades can host video projections.

With these words in mind, Joyride seeks to foster community through creativity in a safe, socially-distanced manner, support and promote local artists, and offer the opportunity for some much needed levity and contemplation during these difficult times.”

Jules Weissman will be contributing a large, mixed-media installation using wood, slides from a photographer in 1950s Wyoming, stock photography, and photo collage that invokes the bombardment of media imagery as filtered through the imaginations of different Americans.

TALKING HEADS: Let’s Talk About the State of Our Union

One: Our Better Angel

Two: Acknowledgement of Continuing Struggle

Three: The White Suburban Woman

Four: White Power

Five: The Devil on America’s Shoulder

Six: Acknowledgement of the Moment

It’s like going to see the neighborhood Holiday lights, but for ART.

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