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Katie Van Horne: A Mystery and a Gift

“Any creative idea is vulnerable to being shot down. But my friend breaks the circuit.” Hrishi Hirway

What are we really here for? What are we focusing on? What are we learning and cultivating? How is what we’re about drawing us nearer to what is reality, intimate and impersonal, unselfconscious?

How can we be here now - engaged, simple, hearts remaining open to create in this historic era of pandemic, forced isolation and our civic and environmental beseechings?

I heard Oren Jay Sofer say this: “within complex systems one small change (especially sustained over time) can have far reaching effects.

Commissioned work does that for me. Being asked to draw or paint or do a dry point etching, in some way to portray some facet, some essence of someone or something is an incalculable honor.

In reality we are co-emergent beings, and in relationship we inspire each other and learn through challenges or in synchronization what the Aramaic Wisdom taught: ‘learning how to soften what is hard in our hearts.’

Any chance to respond to and with each other in reality and integrity breaks the circuits of doubt, grief and feeling exhausted… refreshing us as we witness what is in the moment and stay with it.

Collaborating we’re able to remember what Pascal advised, ‘always keep a priority of something beautiful in our hearts and minds’.

The commission request allows for this humbling invitation on my part first to slow down, to look and look, to listen and see over and over. With direct experience of what is at hand, either quickly or over time, a previously unknown, unseen essential or resonant ‘something’ is recognized, attended to and it emerges. A Mystery and Gift.

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