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Kristen Clawson: Ceramics Studio

This is my first year on the OSA tour and I am so happy to be a part of this amazing group of truly talented artists. And here we are with my first event, May 14th called Second Saturday!

I’ve been making ceramics, mostly functional, for almost two decades now and absolutely love it! It’s so gratifying to take a lump of clay and make virtually anything. I get to choose the style, size, texture and colors. I get to make the pieces that people bring into their homes to use in their everyday activities or put out for holidays or other special occasions. That thought right there makes me smile.

I am so lucky to have found ceramics and to have my studio in a place such as Ojai. The colors of nature the textures and shapes that we can see as we stroll down a trail are inspirational. And on that walk I treasure hunt; looking for materials to incorporate into my work.

I can look out a door or window of my studio and it is all right there! I love my studio space. It isn’t fancy and it can be a bit too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter but it holds everything I need. With music playing or a favorite podcast to listen to, I am set to go!

I look forward to showing you my latest pottery, my studio space and to seeing you on May 14th!

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