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Krystal Lau

My work consists of painting, drawing, and digital painting. My work is often inspired by my experience and events happening in the world. I incorporated surreal elements in my work and used multiple mediums to let the artwork speak for itself. My artworks were inspired by nature. I wanted to explore different ideas through my piece.

For example, in my two artworks 'Lighthouse' and 'Plasticized' I explored the idea of exploitation of Earth. 'Lighthouse' is set on a thins trip of plane in the middle of the ocean. One large eye stands in the horizon and looks at the two burning figures under the lighthouse. The eye represents nature. The two figures represent humanity, and they stand under the judgment of nature and burn. The piece itself represents the self-destruction of humanity through exploiting Earth.

I read an article by National Geographic called 'This young whale died with 88 pounds of plastic in its stomach.' This article talked about a whale that died from starvation because it could not digest the plastic in its system. This article inspired me to create my artwork, 'Plasticized'. 'Plasticized' depicts plastic materials being spilled out of a dead whale. The man on the left opens his mouth to ingest it. I drew a hand behind the man’s head and depicted his bulging eyes to resemble an expression as if he is forced to eat the plastic. The red and blue foam represents microplastic. Marine animals ingest microplastic, and when we ingest marine animals, we consume the plastic. I want to remind the viewer that we are “plasticized” by ingesting microplastics. I created this artwork intending to raise environmental awareness of the danger of disposing plastic in the ocean. Raising social awareness is the first step to encourage alternatives and reduce plastic use.

My works were inspired by my environment and nature. I wanted to express the beauty in this world and the ideas in my mind. Art is a common language that everyone can experience, even if they speak a different language. My goal is to use my art to express concepts and ideas to others and let the viewer experience the artwork.

 Lighthouse, oil on canvas, 20 x 15.

Plasticized, foam, cardboard, acrylic, charcoal.

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