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Lisa Skyheart Marshall

My work is inspired by time in nature and visits to gardens, but I feel a there’s a garden all around me, nearly everywhere I go. I make myself still and quiet to see what small creatures are near, and to hear birds chattering to each other. I slow down to see something I might have missed if I’d rushed by.

Back in my studio, I translate what I have observed into designed and detailed watercolor and ink paintings. I start with a careful pencil drawing, then begin to layer watercolor until I achieve the color I want. I add details in ink and finally paint in a smooth acrylic background color, a rest for the eye. I work on “Aquabord” a clay coated board specifically for watercolor.

In the middle of a new painting, continuing to respond to what I see around me, I will add something such as a green and yellow acorn, feather or pink moth. Lately I’ve been including funny little items such as puzzle pieces, drink parasol or Italian candy.

My paintings are a celebration of plants and flowers, birds and insects. As I work on a painting I always learn something new, and feel constantly inspired by my subject matter.

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