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Live From The Field

A while back I built a mobile studio into the bed of a pickup truck with no idea how useful it would be in a pandemic. It was a tight thing to design at about 50 square feet but with a brace of pencils and a pad of graph paper, it was eventually fitted out with a bed/couch, stove, bookcase, flat file, dog bed, drawing table, easel, running water, sink, cabinets, pantry, bicycle rack, atlatl rack and a weather station for good measure.  It has a power converter and solar panels but no shower, though it does have an awkward toilet that I won’t go into.  Over the past nine months the rolling atelier has provided a consoling refuge for making art, reading, meditating, fretting, bird watching and just hanging out and sharing long views with Dog.

As Borat says, ”It’s Nice!” You need one.

Steve Carter



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