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Mary Neville: Lost and Found

Updated: May 10

Since 2020 I have been incorporating lines of detail – bars that stretch across the canvas, made of color, pencil marks, and especially scraps of paper. I have come to call them “lifelines”


What started out as a personal using of old letters, some as far back as high school, I have evolved. Seeking out papers of strangers. Their letters, things that were once important to someone, eventually got buried with time. Accidently left in old books or thrown out after death maybe. Once treasured, now scrap.


By using this found paper, I feel that I am resurrecting the love and friendship that these letters once held. Still hold. They say much the same thing. Dear Mom and Dad, Dearest Darling, In fondness, With regret, With love. Letters formed into words. Words into sentences. Writings that suggest desire, longing, love and advise. In elegant cursive or childlike block, all tell of everyday routines, lost love, triumphs and local goings on.


Reading them, I feel voyeuristic and archeological at the same time. I feel connected to humanity and honored to use these as a link to our connected world community. 


When I die, I hope my thoughts will inspire someone to create something new and keep the re-discovery of sentiment alive.


I will have some of these on hand for you to peruse as well as other materials to see at

The Ojai Studio Artists 2nd Saturday Open Studio Tour

May 11th. 10 am – 5pm

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