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Lucinda Yates: There's a Story in Every Piece of Art

Every time I make art the results surprise me. The images, the colors, the marks, lines, light and dark spaces all contribute to reveal a unique story that resides in a place that I can't quite put my finger on. I am guided by the unknowing, it seems like it's a puzzle that I must put together. The challenge is that many of the puzzle pieces are hidden. I find myself asking questions about things that haven't come into existence yet. This all sounds like torture but I like it. I begin to wonder if paintings are made and formed similarly to how thoughts form and pass through us. Come and go. Since thoughts don't belong to us, are the paintings or is the painter the vessel for which colors, marks and lines flow through and leave an impression or expression on the canvas.

I will be showing this new work and more in my studio Saturday May 11th from 10-5 for the OSA Second Saturday downtown neighborhood open studio tour. 

See You Soon!

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nice work...and thinking though I am not entirely sure what you are really saying, I like the thrust about ideas

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