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Maddie Brannan

My name is Madelyn and I am 18 and am in my senior year of High School. My current artwork is surrounding the idea and investigation of surrealism. I have been creating art since I was a child and continued it into my teenage years. I was first introduced to the arts as a young student, first trying art trek at Mira Monte elementary school. From that I became indulged in art at a young age and continued classes through Matilija Jr High and into Nordhoff High School. My goals for the future are to continue my education in visual arts as well as dance choreography at Moorpark College this Fall. I use my art as a way to express my complex ideas, passions, and thoughts. I hope to share my art to the world one day and use it to call attention and make change in our society.

Hello Ojai, acrylic.

Ungrateful, 30 x 10, acrylic.

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