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Mariana Peirano

An award winning figurative artist , Mariana has been dedicating herself to her art since 2013.

Born and raised in the coastal city in Argentina, Mar del Plata. she dedicated the earlier part of her life to education.

Starting her art career with portraits in acrylics and pastels, she now mainly works with oils. Paintings on canvas are her main choices, but she also works with mixed media and wood.

Her work reflects a passion for beauty in all it's forms and a deep concern for the human condition. Preserving the realness of emotions and expressions in the people she paints, she captures humanity in its true form.

Her attention is now placed on climate change and her next series is dedicated to the natural world and Mother Earth. Imploring all of us to do our part to take care of our planet, which is effectively an investment in life as we know it.

As a member of the Ojai Studio Artists group, Mariana exhibits her work during the OSA annual studio tours or by appointment.


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