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Martha Moran: A Little Hit of Zen

Yeah yeah. You're asking:  Who wants to rotisserie themselves in Ojai in August? is predicting a mild 82.  But even on the hottest days, hearing my fountains cools me down and brings a sense of tranquility. 

I built my first fountain over ten years ago, thinking of it as a “water sculpture.” The commercial fountains I’d seen were mostly plastic, generic, and pretty darn ugly.  I wanted to change all that. Since then, I’ve made fountains out of all kinds of stone – crystals, Amethysts, Geodes, fossilized coral and unusual stone oddities I find at the Arizona Gem Shows.  Each is absolutely one of a kind. This is my latest. I love the sound!

Come visit. Get your own little hit of Zen!

PS: The only really stunning fountains I found online ten years back were by a super talented artist who studied at the University of Tehran and Art Center College of Design.  She continues to inspire me:

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