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Mary Neville - It's always summer somewhere

Summer 25x25

Summer is waning, shadows now stretch across my courtyard and my succulents are happy for the shade. Pool toys have started to deflate and the elms are dropping leaves on the driveway and all over my car. Here, the orioles have left for now to seek a summer somewhere south. Though the finches and hummingbirds remain, there's a chill in the air.

But it is always summer somewhere....

Somewhere there are still cannon balls into the pool and BBQ’s. Somewhere there are seaside boardwalks full of people and ice cream trucks singing carnival sounds sending kids rushing to their momma’s for money. Somewhere there are late warm nights and hotdogs on the grill. Remember the smell of sun tan oil and afternoons on the beach with eyes closed listening to the distant sound of surf and sunbathers? Summer is always somewhere. "Summer" is one of a series called "Seasons". This piece as well as "Winter", "Spring" & "Fall" are currently being shown at: 10 West Gallery, 10 West Anapamu, Santa Barbara. Or online at I am available for virtual and in-person studio visits. 805-798-4269

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