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New Berman Glass Sculptures - March 12th Mini-Tour

"Manna VII C806"

I love this glass which is a light shifting color. It ranges in color from amber to green depending on the light source. Here it is showing the green as the light is coming through my window and the amber on the left. At night with incandescent lighting it shows a rose tint. This gives the sculpture a life of its own with the changes of lighting.

I began casting glass back in the 90's and gave up with the challenges I faced not have a computer controller for managing the temperature of my kiln. Since I wanted light to come through my sculptures, I returned to casting glass in 2007. During Covid, I took up glass casting again, beginning with "Gateway to the Light" series combining kiln cast glass and steel.

I then continued with my "Spiral Portal Gateway" series combining my cast glass again with steel.

I'm not working on continuing my cast glass "Peace Portal" series, and I'm hopeful that I can finish these in time for the March 12th Second Saturday Mini-Tour from 10am-5pm.

Hope to see you here at my studio in March and October in the Arbolada neighborhood of Ojai. You are always welcome to book an appointment to come view my artwork.

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