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New Techniques, New Work: Leslie Plimpton

I recently attended a workshop given by my wonderful OSA colleague, Linda Taylor, who is an amazing printmaker. I was happy to get into the specifics of doing the Reduction Linocut printmaking process that allows you to add three or more colors of ink into your piece. It is a labor intensive process but the results can be incredibly interesting. I wasn’t expecting to leave the workshop with any great artwork, as I view workshops as a tremendous learning experience, but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of most of the pieces I created. I started with an image of an 18th Century dress and planned out a few color options for the piece before I started. I was also offered the option of using some beautiful patterned paper from Linda’s studio to chine colle onto my work. This is a process where you cut out the desired paper in the desired shape and it gets glued to your final artwork through the printing process. Here is an example of what I created during the workshop. You can view this artwork in person and the other work I created plus lots of examples of other techniques of my artwork at the upcoming OSA Tour from October 8-10 from 10-5pm each day. My studio will be open all three days so please come by for a visit!

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