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OSA Awards 10k in Scholarships

Students from L to r Kamile Fargher, Shay Beckson, Brett Childs, Matthew Etheridge, Artemisia Grasso and Arley Sakai. Not pictured Aliyah Zweig.  Photo courtesy of  Stephen Adams

Recently, the Ojai Studio Artists (OSA) Scholarship Committee met to select 7 students who received a total of $10,000 in scholarships. A reception to disburse the awards took place on Monday June 17th in Council Chambers at Ojai City Hall.

This year’s recipients are Shay Beckson, Brett Childs, Matthew Etheridge, Kamile Fargher, Artemisia Grasso, Arley Sakai and Aliyah Zweig. Two students are attending Nordhoff H.S., and the others will be going to the College of the Atlantic, California College of Art, Otis College of Art and Design, and Santa Monica College in the fall semester. (see samples of their work below)

Since its inception, OSA, a 501 (c) (3) California non-profit organization, has raised over $244,000 for educational support. The scholarship program is a vital part of the organization’s mission and is financed by donations and funds raised during the Annual OSA Studio Tour. The 2019 OSA Tour takes place on October 12-14.

Speaking for OSA, local artist Carol Shaw-Sutton said “We see this program as an important educational opportunity for young artists. They write an artist statement, organize photographs of their work, request letters of support from their teachers, and participate in an exhibition where they are asked to speak briefly about their artistic goals. We are hoping to grow this important aspect of OSA, and give more money to talented students every year.”

One student, Brett Childs, a local who studies Photography at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, is receiving an OSA Scholarship for the second year running in order to help him finish his degree. In his testimonial he expresses gratitude saying “It is so amazing that Ojai Studio Artists are able to raise money from the Ojai community and give that money back to artists working in the community. More than just an affirmation of the artistic work being produced, it also helps to secure much needed supplies – always helpful for the working artist!”

- Thank you Sami Zellinger from the Ojai Arts Commission for allowing us to use her writing.

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