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Painting Here and There

The previous year in the life of this painter— Painted in my own tiny yard during the first few weeks of lockdown, staying safe in my perimeter as instructed—experimenting with palette knives and finding a new, looser, freer style. Many early mornings and late afternoons at Ojai Meadow—alone or with dear painter friends. Carpinteria Bluffs, where every morning is beautiful—the cliffs and the flower farm. And the hummingbird's territory—the giant meadow and eucalyptus grove. A week wandering in the canyons of Southern Utah. Painting some, but mostly just walking through time. In the Fall and Winter, as the days got shorter—painting nocturnes in downtown Ojai, or in Ventura Harbor. Chilly but fun! Not such a bad year after all! Love, Spark 805-707-3982

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