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Palettes in My Mind from Beyond the Window

I love to jump in my car and head out of town for a day. Most of the time, I have only a general idea of where I am headed.  Open road without a plan. There is nothing better than a random day trip through the gorgeousness that California offers anyone who cares to wander.   Over the years, I have come to notice that when I am looking out my window at the magnificent countryside, I don't just see mountains, trees, deserts and cactus.  I see colors...the colors of nature, the colors of the ever-revolving seasons.  I am fascinated how nature's palettes that would never been seen together normally. Palettes are rarely seen in design, but in each peek out the window give me such pause.  I have said countless times to those who accompany me that I am just dumbfounded by the strange combination of color that really works together like a grand scheme. Highway 33 leaves the Ojai Valley in the direction of Taft and winds it way through the Los Padre Forest.  I drive this route often and enjoy the ever changing palette of color that each season brings.  I have been wanting for years to somehow translate these observances into my work.  What would happen if I designed one of my drawings in a landscape format using the colors from beyond my window?  Well, this week I did just that!  I am kinda excited about the results and might just do a series based on this idea.  Notice the pale purple and the light sage green. There are so much of these two colors this time of year.  I love floating by and taking it all in... 

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