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Bernadette DiPietro: Reflections

Updated: May 1

PHOTO: Me in front of my Foothill Road Studio in 1980 where I created from 1980-1992


As the Second Saturday OSA tour approaches my mind carries me back to our first tour in 1984. It was an exciting moment when Gayel Childress and Marta Nelson visited my studio and invited me to be a part of The Ojai Studio Artists.

In the forty years as a member I have held the position as president for three years and Historian for thirty years. It's been a blessing living in Ojai since 1971 as an artist and working with exceptional artists.

As an interdisciplinary artist my work has changed volumes over the years. My studio is now located in downtown Ojai at 204 West Aliso Street and I look forward to meeting you on May 11, 2024. I will be there from 10 am to 5 pm. If you are unable to make it, just sent me an e-mail at to set up a convenient time to view my artwork.


PHOTO: Foothill Road Studio in the late 1980's


PHOTO: My downtown Studio Garden on Aliso Street


PHOTO: Bamboo Cottage Studio Garden, APRIL 2024


PHOTO: Entrance to Downtown Studio


PHOTO: Looking forward to meeting you on May 11, 2024 ......Bernadette DiPietro

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