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Sandra Torres: In Person

I've been amazed of how resourceful everyone has been amid the ever challenging COVID situation. Modern technologies opened opportunities to switch some operations to an online mode, which allowed many of us to stay afloat and healthy. While it has been amazing to witness this change of paradigm and the success of online sales and shows, these will never be a full replacement of in-person shows.

There is something unique to in-person interactions. They take more energy, engaging with others takes effort, but this engagement allows for a different type of feedback, about our work, about our person, about our process. People's reaction to the work we make is immediate and honest, some times even blunt. It is beyond verbal or visual, it is physical, I can see it when my porcelain pieces are held and felt. It is that instant, that provokes an intimate connection between the work and the public.

This can never happen online.

May the in-person shows prevail, I look forward to seeing you!

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