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Turning Corners



“As sunshine pierces through the windows of my studio, a fresh canvas awaits my latest, intimate adventure.
I pick up my brush and begin - with the flirtatious eye of a stranger.

The Art of Amy Lynn is stylishly unique! Amy Lynn excels at creating colorfully whimsical and imaginative fairy-tale images -- her fantastically beautiful creatures exist in equal balance, sharing with each other. Alternatively, Amy Lynn adores her 1920’s Jazz Age paintings, which are a respectful nod to her strongest influence - the chic Art Deco painter: Tamara De Lempicka. These paintings feature her characters in festive settings - philandering, seducing and dancing while musicians play into the night. When viewing one of her pieces, you get the feeling of having crashed a party at Jay Gatsby’s mansion. You appear in that doorway, as all eyes turn towards you.

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