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Carol Shaw-Sutton

Fiber and Wearable Art


Carol Shaw-Sutton is an accomplished fiber artist with an international reputation. Her works are both sculptural and flat exploring themes of longing for environmental and cultural wholeness through the use of age old texitle processes. Most of her materials are from the natural world engaging the viewer in feelings of ritual rhythm and our common humaness. There is usually a reference to skin or other bodily structures forging a tension between strength/fragility, order/chaos, growth/decay, stillness/movement and other seemly opposing forces.


The writer and critic, Betty Park has noted: "Carol works intuirively and makes objects laden with meaning. They don't tell a simple story.....rather they are like myths, fertile sources of many stories, many interpretations. At its root, the work is traditional, yet highly orginal, elegant and eloguent in its form and concept. She has stepped into an unknow land that feels like home."


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