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Jannene Behl




I am deeply passionate about painting landscapes and sharing my knowledge through teaching. My ultimate joy comes from creating paintings that invite viewers to step into the scene, evoking a sense of happiness and well-being. I strive to infuse each artwork with a specific mood, often feeling as though the painting itself guides my brushstrokes—a truly exhilarating experience.

Throughout my artistic journey, I've emphasized the importance of composition, tonal value, and achieving a harmonious balance of warm and cool colors. My mentorship under Bert Collins from 1996 to 2024 profoundly influenced my artistic development. Additionally, I have had the privilege of studying with acclaimed artists such as Glenna Harttman, Richard McKenley, and Richard Schloss.

Since 2006, I have been teaching art in Ojai, California, imparting my expertise and passion to eager learners. My dedication to the arts has been recognized and featured in various publications, including Pastel Journal Magazine, The Artist Magazine, Best of New York, Impressions in Continuity, In Pure Color, The Best of Pastel, Queen Anne's Lace, and a professional teaching DVD.

I am a proud member of the Ventura County Creative Artists (1996-present) and actively participate in several artistic organizations, including Southern California Artists Painting the Environment, Westlake Art Guild, Ojai Studio Artists, and California Art Club.

Throughout my career, I have been honored with numerous awards, including the Jack Richardson/Unison Pastels Best of Show in 2004, First Place Interior Landscape in The Artist Magazine's competition in 2008, First Place Pastel at the Santa Paula Art Competition in 2011, and Best of Show at the Westlake Art Guild competition in 2011. In 2012, I received the American Impressionistic Society Award of Excellence.

Born and raised in Pacific Palisades, I initially pursued studies in music and classical piano at Santa Monica College and UCLA before fully dedicating myself to the world of visual arts.


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