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Pamela Grau - "We Are All Connected"

"We are all connected." These words have echoed through my life, resonating deeply within me since childhood, when my mother spoke of an invisible golden spider web linking every being and element in our world. This idea captivated me, as I visualized a breathtaking grid that transcends physical boundaries. Now, later in life, I find myself re-envisioning what life means, reflecting on diverse belief systems and spiritual traditions that emphasize our cosmic connections. Through a fifty-year meditation practice and my artistic journey, I have sought to unravel life’s mysteries, glimpsing divine patterns and interconnectedness that surpass everyday perception. These visions inspire awe and reverence, fueling my creative work. In my art, I strive to capture these extraordinary experiences, conveying the profound truth of our shared oneness and offering a portal for others to embrace the beauty and power of our collective existence.


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