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Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend: Big Ideas and Whimseys

"Man View I, II, III", 32"h x 21"w each, kiln-fired paint on clear glass

When making art, I am always thinking about the Big Idea, works that speak about art, craft, nature, architecture, the subconscious, women’s issues, politics, interpersonal relationships, etc. These are the pieces that are shown in galleries and museums. It is rare for me to admit having “fun” in the studio, it’s work. But with the OSA studio tours, I also think about making smaller gestures, ‘product’, that is more available to visitors. Also, often these lighter series become inspiration for big ideas in the process of making.

This May 11 2024 studio tour, I will be showing examples of “Big Ideas”, and Whimseys (stained glass), Vocabware (cups with custom decals), Trivets (5” x 5” kiln-fired glass) , and Cheap Prints (digital prints of original collages and drawings).   

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