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Glass Art

36"h x 24"w x 2"d

HandMade is a painting using vitreous enamels on both sides of the 1/4" glass fired up to fifteen times in the kiln to a temperature of 1200 degrees. The work calls upon the history of glass painting, usually a narrative told in stained glass windows in architecture, sacred and profane. This work is a contemporary narrative about the hand made/craft; an image of a complicated blown glass ewer (blown by a skilled friend), hands with paint dripping from the fingers, a giant succulent (nature), and rectangles and circles (common painterly 'devices'). There is paint on both sides of the glass, creating an ambiguous visual dimension as a result of the transparent canvas and the projection of images on the wall behind.
I like to think the images are floating in space, imaginings of the mind rendered on/in the transparent space of glass.

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