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Holy Bolle

Glass Art

16"h x 12"w x 2"d

Holy Bolle is a quirky thinking about "luxury glass", fancy cut glass that had it's heyday late 19th and early 20th centuries. Very labor intensive to make, these glass works were given to dignitaries around the world and collected by the most discerning. Everyone of a certain age has inherited these from great grandparents. Out of style, the works have gone to the wayside. So I present this work/bowl of great value, a wonky portrait of a handcrafted work that has little value. Why and what does one collect and how is the decision made?
Is art (craft in this case) no more than another, though expensive, commodity?
This historic bowl picture is from Libbey Glass Co., Edward Drummond Libbey being the founder of my town, Ojai.
Photo decal on glass, vitreous enamels on glass, mirror, fancy frame

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