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Sooz Glazebrook

Ceramic Artist/Gardener





I discovered my fascination for glazes in 1975 when my father asked me to create a tile backsplash for his new kitchen. Though I received my BFA in sculpture a year later, I realized that my true passion was in color and glazing. I spent 3 years in Australia decorating tiles for a small local tile shop and working as a colorist for a hand screen-printed wallpaper. company. When I moved to London in 1980, I rented a space in Kingsgate Studios in Kilburn, where I was exposed to many pottery artists. I realized that I could apply my tile glazing techniques to pottery with very interesting results. Living in London, I was exposed to such a broad range of artforms, techniques, museums and all

the expansive possibilities.


I moved to the United States late 1985. First living on Cape Cod for three years, was a great education to American Modern Art history, plus with no kiln I began painting acrylic abstract paintings. After time though, I really needed to get my hands back into clay and glazes. I slip caste beakers to glaze, hand-made jewelery, doing alot of raku firing. This reawoke my interest in ancient Persian lustres, William de Morgans incredible tile work, and the diversity of glaze possibilities with differing firing techiqures


I moved to Ojai in 1997 where I became reacquainted with the works of Beatrice Wood and her lustres. It is her curiousity and tenacity about glaze techniques that resonates with me. I taught myself to throw ceramics as a canvas to glazing.


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