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Wrona Gall




I create sweeping Cloudscapes with the ever shifting sky as my focus and muse. After a forty-year career painting in an industrial loft in Chicago, I moved to Ojai, California in 2015 where the open horizon of Ojai's natural beauty expanded my vision from city roof-tops with swatches of blue to vast horizons that glow with emotional intensity.


As a child, I often stared out my bedroom window and studied the movement of clouds to escape family drama. The evolving panorama suggested the possibility of change. The sky's mutability still provides a personal source of serenity that infuses my work. To create my translucent veils of color, I stopped using brushes and manipulate pigments directly with my hands.


I have a Master of Arts Education and have exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the country including the Art Institute of Chicago and the San Diego Museum of Art.



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