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The Nature of Things

Collage and Mixed Media


this is a detail of "The Nature of Things" commissioned by the Ojai Valley Inn in 2015

“The Nature of Things” derives its inspiration from the Ojai Valley. It is said that there is an electro magnetic energy vortex over the Valley that can be seen from outer space. However, the mystical energy has been felt and acknowledged long before our ability to decipher these things from a distance. The Chumash Indians, the Valleys first residents, believed that the air held supernatural, curative powers and peaceful living was always maintained in the Valley. It is the “feeling of Ojai” that has brought so many visitors here for rejuvenation and relaxation.

As a visual artist I try to communicate that which defies words or understanding. I have explored religions, philosophies and nature looking at the handiwork of the divine and I see it everywhere. For me everything is explained in nature. We see structure and chaos, planned directions and creative adaptions. Intentions set to evolve in one direction only to be affected by a slight change in a distant weather pattern. It is quantum chaos that intrigues me in art, randomness and constructions, the interplay of colors and textures, the building of patinas that rely on histories of past activities.

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