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Gayel Childress

Visual Poet


Collage and Mixed Media




I’m a self-taught artist, “even though,” “I did get myself to every Junior College, Adult Education and Park & Recreation Art Class I could find, while raising a family of four.”


I paint with a characteristic touch of whimsy and a love for color, form, and design. While most of my work is joyful, some of my paintings, I admit, can be sad or even a little frightening. “I think of my paintings as a form of poetry, a way to convey my thoughts or feelings through the visual senses.”


Favorite themes include personal feelings: joy for love of life, and even…sadness and fears. … also my response to the power of the landscapes and the female form.


I work in acrylic, watercolor, printmaking, oil and mixed media. Working to catch the spirit of my subject, often with an eye for experimentation. “I find the investigation and exploration of the various media, and the process of painting, as exciting as the finished artwork.”


My future work will be to focus on “more experimental abstraction with a primitive heart.”


( Commissions Welcomed )



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