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I love the beauty of nature but it’s People and photographs that inspire me. I paint from photographs a lot, mostly figurative work. An experience of seeing a stranger and feeling an “I have to paint that person” urge is my inspiration.

I’m never shy about asking for what I want.

“Can I take your picture? It only takes a yes for a new painting to begin.

I’ve been painting portraits for 8 years. I can’t even count how many I have done, except to say way more than hundreds and hundreds. Portrait painting is a face to face affair that starts with 12 minute sketches with watercolor. I try to capture the essence of a person, an energy about them.

It’s an experience that challenges me to balance vulnerability with courage.

The restriction of 12 minutes goes by in a what feels like a second. I have to remain calm and move fast to get the results that are fresh and alive in my work. I just let go and allow the colors and brush to flow and move freely. The results are magical and exciting when I do it.

I love painting portraits because I know deep down everyone wants to be seen and I want to see everyone. It’s an experience that makes people smile!


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