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July Second Saturday Studio Tour

July Second Saturday Studio Tour



10:00 AM

05:00 PM



This “bite-sized” program of studio tours known as Second Saturday showcases a dozen Ojai Studio Artists (OSA) studios in Ojai's Mira Monte neighborhood.


The July event features studios in the charming Mira Monte neighborhood just south of Ojai. Unlike OSA’s main October event, in which all 70+ OSA artists open their spaces in a single weekend, Second Saturdays focus on a specific neighborhood, offering visitors a more manageable list of studios to visit.


“Second Saturdays is relaxed, manageable and a lot of fun,” says OSA President Linda Taylor. “You can take your time and really appreciate the work and the places where this spectacular art is made.”


The June 13 event, like all Second Saturdays, is entirely free - and you can find participating artists and samples of each artist’s work below, to help plan your “choose-your-own adventure” tour.


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Meet the Artists of This Tour

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